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Organic Collective: How It Works

STEP 1 Choose your organic, seasonal box

  • Select the size of your certified organic seasonal box to suit your needs and order online or by calling us during office hours to place your order 9331 5590 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm)
  • You can add anything from Groceries to Household items from our Online Shop
  • Our Perth Metro home delivery service is flexible and fuss free. We can customize the seasonal boxes to suit your needs. Try your first box now and see how it works for you and your family.

How it works: Step 2

STEP 2 Customize your organic, seasonal box

  • We want to make sure the organic, seasonal box works for you! We are flexible and have many different ways to help you customize your order to suit your needs. You can use our Online Shop to add extra groceries, bulk wholefoods or other organic, fair trade and local products.
  • We will call you after you placed your first order to discuss any Dislikes, Preferences, Delivery days and instructions. We can answer all of your questions about our service and you will get to know our office team. They are really helpful and nice on the phone - and in real life too!
  • If you have any questions give us a call! 9331 5590. We would like to talk to you on the phone to answer your questions fully.

How it works: Step 3

STEP 3 Only the freshest organic produce

  • Every day, early morning we source the best organic produce available from our local farms and the Farmers Wholesalers Market. We buy Western Australian produce as a priority and only buy from certified organic growers.
  • We only buy certified organic fruit and vegetables with consideration for our local farmers to ensure we have the freshest and most nurtitious food available for our seasonal boxes.

How it works: Step 4

STEP 4 We pack your box

  • Our busy bees in our packing section will handpick the produce and check the quantity and quality for each box. There are no machines, fork lifts or conveyor belt - just a great team who will also add your extra orders, special wishes and replace your dislikes with other available produce.
  • We use recycled material like cardboard boxes and try to avoid packaging wherever possible. All our green waste fruit and vegetable scraps are used to make compost by various gardening groups.

How it works: Step 5

STEP 5 We deliver to your doorstep

  • We deliver all through Perth Metro Area. You don't need to be home to receive your delivery.
  • The delivery day depends on your suburb and will be discussed when we call you after you placed an order. Call us anytime if you have questions about your delivery.
Near-by delivery: Monday to Thursday
4.00 pm to 6.30 pm
$4.40 Delivery Fee applies
Further-away delivery: Tuesday to Friday
9.00 am to 1.00 pm
$ 8.80 Delivery Fee applies
Pick up: Monday to Friday
from 3pm in our Shop
1 Greenslade Street, Cnr Winterfold Rd. Hamilton Hill 6163 View MAP
$ 2.20 Handling Fee applies

How it works: Step 6

STEP 6 We are flexible!

  • You received your box, you enjoyed the fresh organic seasonal produce, the convenience of the delivery and want to join The Collective? We will give you a follow up call after you received your first order. We will discuss with you how to customize and adjust your order to suit your needs.
  • Because you are not tied to our service, you can always change, skip or cancel your box. All we require is a 48 hr notice prior to your next delivery. We encourage you to call us with any questions or queries or leave a message so we can act as quick as possible. Call 9331 5590.
  • To offer the flexibility of the service you deserve, the telephone is our best single point of contact to act on your behalf. As a small business we find that speaking with you one to one is essential to offer the service of The Organic Collective.
  • As Email can be a wonderfully convenient tool for communication, we still find that you deserve our full attention when it comes to customer service. Call us 9331 5590

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